Today we are going to talk about the scary idea of photographing in cold weather conditions during your shoots, particularly the adventurous ones!

Couples often dream of a super clear sunny day for their wedding, elopement or photo session. But bad weather can also give you an amazing setting! Something more moody and cinematographic. It’s something you should discuss with your couple to prepare them for this possibility, as it’s not always easy or doable to reschedule.

In case of rain or bad weather, your couple needs to feel that you have everything under control and they have nothing to worry about.

They need to know that the day is still going to go great and the photos will turn beautifully, and that it might even add a little more character to it! Tell them to embrace it and have an amazing time nonetheless.

Now, that being said, how do you get to feel prepared? How can you get the confidence you need to rock your next session photographing in cold weather and make your couple feel secure?


Here is a list of tips and things we recommend to have in your kit so you don’t need to stress about anything but connecting with your couple and taking epic photos:



Towels are always a great thing to have. Even on sunny days. Maybe your couple doesn’t want to sit directly in the dirt, maybe your couple went swimming and needs a towel etc. But it will come particularly handy if your couple stands under the rain for a while and needs to dry themselves.

Extra Clothes


If you looked at the weather the day of the shoot and it says it’s going to rain, it’s always best to have a chat with your couple. Let them know that : A-You have everything under control and they don’t need to worry. And B-That they need to bring a second outfit that they can put on for the way back instead of staying wet in their car.


This can be a bit annoying to take with you as it’s a bit bulky to carry. But if rain is a strong likelihood, it’s best your couples can stand under a nice umbrella for part of the shoot. Having it transparent will be more aesthetic for the photos. Pro tip: Attach them to your bag, for example, to the part where you can attach a tripod.


This is important both for you and the couple. If the weather is cold (like if you do a sunrise session for exemple) it’s important for your couple to be as warm as possible.

There are some white or skin toned leggings, easily found, that can be a great addition to the arsenal of a bride wanting to stay warm. Warm socks are also a must. Advise your couple on this so they are prepared. Tell them to bring a jacket they love that they wouldn’t mind being photographed in.

As for yourself, when photographing in cold weather, the number one thing you need to think of is your hands are GLOVES. They are truly vital under cold weather. Having to keep your hands out and hold the camera to shoot. yous hands do very little movement. Therefore, they will get freezing really fast. So it’s always good to have a flexible and warm pair of gloves you can put on if necessary.



Ok so you might think these are only for back pain and painful menstruation. But they are a great thing to have if you plan to shoot under extreme temperatures or conditions such as in the snow. It’s best to have a pack of them in your bag so you can give some to your couple and put some on yourself. Maybe you can slide them in a pocket, gloves, socks or leggings. Believe us this makes a difference.


Ok this might look a bit ridiculous or goofy for you but oh my god is it practical to shoot under rain! It helps you and your camera stay protected from the rain AND keep your hands free.

If umbrella hats are a big no for you than you might want to consider investing in a waterproof case for your camera that you would also be able to use for underwater session (which are super cool to do!)

Cloths + Lens Hood


Your camera might get some rain on it which can make it super difficult to focus. This is why it is super helpful to have a cloth on hand to wipe your lens during the shoot. The Lens hood will help protect it for a while longer.


Bad weather means it will probably be getting dark faster and you might want to consider bringing head lamps (waterproof ones) or some camp lamps or other lights sources to create both something really cool with your couple + have light to adventure or walk back to the car with.

Extra Shoes + Warm Socks


Having wet feet might be one of the worst sensations ever (at least for us ahah). And we think it’s important to always have a second pair of shoes in your luggage. Chose one you are comfortable walking with when you photograph in rainy conditions.

This is also super important if you plan travel for work. Lance didn’t have the intelligence to bring a second pair of sneakers last year in Ireland....and got stuck the whole trip with wet stinky shoes 😅🙈 #truestory. The thing is, when you stay in humid cold countries, once your shoes are soaking yet it takes them more than a night to dry. So it will still be wet the next day so it’s important to have a second pair on hand.

Last Notes

Well ok then I think we covered pretty much everything we could think of to help you be prepared in case of difficult weather on a shoot or adventurous wedding.

We will keep updating this blog if we discover other things that might help you be even more prepared in photographing in cold or rainy weather.

Keep in mind that no photos is worth making your couples uncomfortable. Let them know they can have a break. Maybe you can head back to the car to warm up for a moment. Or maybe you can stop for a while at a coffee shop if they want.

It's also important to keep them motivated and reassured during the shoot. Let them know they look great! That the weather is making their photos even more bad ass and they are doing an amazing job! For more exemples and ideas to make your couple confortable and capturing authentic connection, feel free to check out our related post HERE.

Wishing you great adventuring,

Alison & Lance