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WILL YOu be A pioneer?

Elopement Fever

Eloping as a trend is only growing stronger year over year and we want to say AMEN!

We know elopements are way more mainstream in the US than in Europe. But guess what? A lot fo Americans dream of eloping in Europe, Covid made people more aware of elopement and micro weddings and most American trends end up following in Europe. Bottom line is: Elopements in Europe WILL explode. The only question is, will you be one of the pioneers and leaders of this new wedding paradigm?

Content, blogs, publications are keys to communicate about them and get discovered by the right couples.

Our Elopement Stories Photography Workshop will give you the exact content and skills you need, to get your business to thrive in the elopement industry.


Cinematic, JAW DROPPING, real looking elopements styled shoots

That's Where We Come In


We want to help you get not just any content but GOOD content that converts

That means real life couples and styled elopements that look like real elopements not just an editorial.

That also means getting you to the top locations for elopements in Europe.

- Upcoming & Past Events -

Dolomites Elopement Stories Photography Workshop


Take a look at our first edition in the heart of the Dolomites during Fall 2020 with the first snows and epic scenery


Stay on the Isle of Skye and photograph the raw, wild and moody elopements you've always dreamt about.


As restrictions and rules change all the time it is impossible to predict how things will be at the time of the retreats.

In case restrictions are being made due to COVID cancelation related to this will be fully refunded no questions asked.

What happens if I can't come due to COVID 19?

Food, lodging, and various costs like parking are all included.

The only thing that isn't included is the transportation.

Basically you are responsible for getting to the venue, so depending on where you are coming from that might include plane tickets, car rental and gas.

We are planing on creating a group chat with all attendees though to help you share cars for exemple and reduce the costs of your rental and gas.

Is everything included in the price?

Up until we are sold out!

It can go really fast so we recommend not waiting too long to not miss on this opportunity!

To book you can contact us directly by email or by filling out the form on the workshop page. We will then send you a questionnaire to make sure our workshop is the right fit for you and your business goals, after that you will receive a link to reserve your booking directly online.

How long can I wait to book? And how can I book?

We 100% can relate. We are right where you are. Times are tough. But this is the reason why we believe now is even more a good time to invest in your business to give it more chance of survival and keep it growing!

Elopements are booming and you deserve to get your slice of this fast growing trend. Also, our goal is to help you get more bookings during the wedding season by booking weekdays elopements !

It's a very difficult time for me financially and I'm not sure I should invest in this event