Workshop focused on authentic storytelling, elopement marketing and successful business mindset

Elopement Photography Workshop in Scotland

What you'll get from the experience...

Real looking Elopement stories

To get elopements you need to show elopements. Not styled editorial shoots. People want a STORY, they want to picture themselves having an elopement through your lens, they want to relate and connect! This is why we make it a priority to deliver shoots with a story, with a real couple that looks like an actual elopement.



If you've already attended a workshop you might've left feeling like you STILL don't really know what to do to book more elopements and market yourself. Sure you might have learned some SEO basic info but SEO takes months or even years to be really effective. We aim to give you the skills to market yourself NOW, more specifically through Facebook ads manager, but also leveraging Pinterest and Google Ads.


a healthier mindset

You might not know this about us but our spirituality is a big driver behind the scenes in our business, it's what keep us going, even in the toughest of times. Lance is an encyclopedia of astrology and tarot and we both believe in positive visualization and manifestation. One of our goals is to share that part of us with you, to try to get you more connected to your higher Self, find guidance and believe in yourself and your capabilities.


A community

We are fervent preachers of community over competition. Weddings and elopement photographers only need so many clients per year and there is enough for all of us. But one thing we might have a lack of, is a strong community, people you know you can rely on, people that can give you feedback and constructive criticism. That can listen to you when you are down and lift you up again! Creating a group dynamic with bonding moments is also one of our goals.


Client experience, workflow, website design, editing techniques, presets, directing couples, organizing style shoots...

AND much more

Client experience, workflow, website design, editing techniques, presets, directing couples, organizing style shoots...You name it. We are here to give you the answers you seek.





Getting to know each-other, going over the program, setting up rules for the shoots. Introduction to positive visualization and other spiritual practices.


Morning Lecture + Glen Coe Elopement

Our guest speakers Nina and Derek will talk about their photographic approach and answer your questions, then we will go photograph an elopement in Glen Coe


Drive to Isle of Skye + Sunrise Engagement Session

Change of venue and location, to the Isle of Skye and all it's magic!


Learning Modules

Ready to start the booking process?

We will be covering marketing, Facebook Ads Manager, Editing, Workflow & more. We'll also do one-on-one consultations.


Full Day Elopement Story on Isle of Skye

From getting ready to ceremony, to portraits, to picnic & activities you'll get a full story to document and learn from.

Alison & Lance AKA The Archivers


Alison has a background in communication and Lance Graphic Design. We then both attended in Paris one of the top 5 photography school in the world (and where we met so the investment was definitely worth it ahaha). We are now full time photographers specialized in elopements.

About Us

We love to joke around and be goofy together but also have those deep serious talk about the world and spirituality.

We are proud ( and crazy) cat parents! But if you met Milo you'd understand why ahaha!

Our core values are community, spirituality, open-mindness and most of all love.


Nina & Darek

Nina & Darek, Just like us, are a couple in life and business. They are inspired, highly talented photographers as well as beautiful humans!


About what's included?

Here's a quick breakdown


5 Nights Accommodation in Scotland


Guest Speaker Lecture

The famous and talented Nina & Darek will give a talk and answer all your questions

2 Nights Stay in a luxury cottage near Glencoe & 3 Nights in the epic Isle of Skye. All meals are provided!


Our Elements Preset Collection (Worth 110€)


2 Elopement Stories + 1 Couple Session

As a bonus we will give out our main Elements Preset Collection of 12 presets to all attendees for FREE!

Real looking elopement stories , 1 in Glencoe & 1 in the Isle of Skye + 1 Couple engagement session


Follow Up

We do not believe that real progress or a thriving business happens over night. So we want to do things differently. Giving you an avalanche of info and then letting you implement it on your own without support doesn't feel right. This is why we are offering trimestrial follow up sessions over a year. We will track your progress and give you help/recommendations if needed.

Learning Modules + 1 on 1 consultations


We aim to cover EVERYTHING. What we wont have time to cover will be delivered in digital form.



Enjoy this beautiful cottage with large estate in the beautiful Scottish Highlands only 30 min away from Glencoe

Isle of Skye

Stay in a beautiful venue on the Isle of Skye. We will be divided onto 2 houses on the same property. Most attendees will stay in the main venue, a renovated castle and some attendees will stay in a modern black house nearby.


That's not just luck and I owe it all to Alison and Lance for making all of the magic happen



Shared Room


Have a private bed in a shared bedroom with one or two other attendees



start the booking process

Private Bedroom


Have your own private place to relax and enjoy your stay in Scotland. Very Limited spots available.

Price Starts From:


STart the booking process


Is for you to never need to pay for another workshop ever again!

it's a big statement but we mean it


I’ve been trusting them with my eyes closed so far and it just worked for me perfectly.


About our last workshop

" I first bought their presets and was just blown away by the quality of their skin tones and the purity of their style. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Then I decided to meet them in person within the frame of their very first workshop. And they’ve set the bar very high ! We’ve gave money while they gave all their heart and art in this human experience. They are real, but like really really real, they truly want us to have everything we need at the end of this retreat. They want us to feel completely fulfilled, and free, to succeed in what makes our heart bounce.

I love them for what they are, generous people, open and very simple but yet so talented photographers.

I’ve learned so much watching them performing during the photo sessions, I got to use their gears and we left we beautiful and never seen before content that I will use for a whole year. I can’t imagine what their next retreat will be like as they are constantly seeking improvements in everything they do.

Honestly, I felt so lucky to attend this experience they’ve build for us. I thank Alison and Lance again for giving us all their secrets, tips and everything they had during these amazing four days together. Also, I need to mention that they gave us so many tips and content before/during and after this experience, so their involvement is way more than just four days together, they personally make sure we are satisfied before and after this amazing experience.   I wish our paths will cross again soon."

Other Testimonials

Dolomites Lago di Braies Workshop

The Dolomites Portfolio Workshop went above and beyond my expectations. Every single styled shoot and location were completely different from the rest, making for an epic variety for my portfolio. Within 2 weeks of uploading pictures in the Dolomites onto my social media, I booked a wedding in the Dolomites for the following year. That's not just luck and I owe it all to Alison and Lance for making all of the magic happen. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of an elopement day, but you will also learn how the photography duo put their different artistic styles and direction into each shoot and make one beautiful masterpiece. If you haven't already applied to be a part of their next workshop... I don't know what you're waiting for. You will not regret it!

Alex Mabrey


Who would dip in a icy cold mountain lake end of October in the Italian Alps for you? Well, Alison and Lance would. And that is basically everything you need to know about these two amazing guys. Both of them did every possible (and even impossible) thing to made our stay in the Dolomites as pleasant and convenient as you can imagine. They made sure every single attendee was feeling well from the first minute when we arrived to the accommodation. During the shoots they paid attention that every photographer had the opportunity to get the shots they were looking for. And above that they had an ear for every question and issue that may occur during the entire time we spent together. (...) I’m lacking the words to describe how much precious moments I had in this amazing location together with this awesome people. The entire experience was far more than I ever could imagine and I’d highly recommend staying with Alison & Lance whenever you can. Soak up their inspiring mindset and learn from the best.

Sandra Ban



As restrictions and rules change all the time it is impossible to predict how things will be at the time of the retreats.

In case restrictions are imposed due to COVID the cancellation related to this will be fully refunded no questions asked.

What happens if I can't come due to COVID 19?

Food, lodging, and various costs like parking are all included.

The only thing that isn't included is the transportation.

Basically you are responsible for getting to the venue, so depending on where you are coming from that might include plane tickets, car rental and gas.

We are planning on creating a group chat with all attendees though to help you share cars for example and reduce the costs of your rental and gas.

Is everything included in the price?

Up until we are sold out!

It can go really fast so we recommend not waiting too long to avoid missing out on this opportunity!

To book, you can contact us directly by email or by filling out the form on the workshop page. We will then send you a questionnaire to make sure our workshop is the right fit for you and your business goals, after that you will receive a link to reserve your booking directly online.

How long can I wait to book? And how can I book?

We 100% can relate. We are right where you are. Times are tough. But this is the reason why we believe now, even more, is a good time to invest in your business to give it better chances of survival and keep it growing!

Elopements are booming and you deserve to get your slice of this fast growing trend. Also, our goal is to help you get more bookings during the wedding season by booking weekday elopements!

It's a very difficult time for me financially and I'm not sure I should invest in this event