- 2020 -

Elopements Stories WORKSHOP 1ST EDITION

Memories from the dolomites

Discover the Work and Testimonials from some Dolomites Workshop Attendees

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How was it to be in the Dolomites?

The Dolomites were just as epic as I imagined. Every location was dramatically different than the other, and the long drives between some of the shoots were so rewarding! With COVID, I felt safe with our group being small and in a remote location.

Did you feel like the investment was worth it?

You should have charged more. lol. SO MUCH QUALITY CONTENT in so little time.


South Germany & The Alps

Did you think we were good hosts and made you feel secure and comfortable?

DUH! You guys worked so hard to make sure we got what you promised. It's so hard to manage 10 people, eating, locations, models, safety, logistics... and you did it all. It was truly a privilege being a part of such an awesome workshop amidst COVID, snowstorms affecting planned locations, cancellations/modifications in the schedule. You guys are awesome and please don't stop educating!!

The Dolomites Portfolio Workshop went above and beyond my expectations. Every single styled shoot and location were completely different from the rest, making for an epic variety for my portfolio. Within 2 weeks of uploading pictures in the Dolomites onto my social media, I booked a wedding in the Dolomites for the following year. That's not just luck and I owe it all to Alison and Lance for making all of the magic happen. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of an elopement day, but you will also learn how the photography duo put their different artistic styles and direction into each shoot and make one beautiful masterpiece. If you haven't already applied to be a part of their next workshop... I don't know what you're waiting for. You will not regret it!

"Within 2 weeks of uploading pictures in the Dolomites onto my social media, I booked a wedding in the Dolomites for the following year" — Alex Mabrey



Who would dip in a icy cold mountain lake end of October in the Italian Alps for you? Well, Alison and Lance would. And that is basically everything you need to know about these two amazing guys. Both of them did every possible (and even impossible) thing to made our stay in the Dolomites as pleasant and convenient as you can imagine. They made sure every single participiant was feeling well from the first minute when we arrived to the accomodation. During the shoots they paid attention that every photographer had the opportunity to get the shots they were looking for. And above that they had an ear for every question and issue that may occur during the entire time we spent together. (...) I’m lacking the words to describe how much precious moments I had in this amazing location together with this awesome people. The entire experience was far more than I ever could imagine and I’d highly recommend staying with Alison & Lance whenever you can. Soak up their inspiring mindset and learn from the best.

I’d highly recommend staying with Alison & Lance whenever you can. Soak up their inspiring mindset and learn from the best" — Sandra Ban


THE Alps

We’ve gave money while they gave all their heart and art in this human experience. They are real, but like really really real, they truly want us to have everything we need at the end of this retreat. They want us to feel completely fulfilled, and free, to succeed in what makes our heart bounce. I love them for what they are, generous people, open and very simple but yet so talented photographers.

I’ve learned so much watching them performing during the photo sessions, I got to use their gears and we left we beautiful and never seen before content that I will use for a whole year. I can’t imagine what their next retreat will be like as they are constantly seeking improvements in everything they do.

Honestly, I felt so lucky to attend this experience they’ve build for us. I thank Alison and Lance again for giving us all their secrets, tips and everything they had during these amazing four days together. Also, I need to mention that they gave us so many tips and content before/during and after this experience, so their involvement is way more than just four days together, they personally make sure we are satisfied before and after this amazing experience. I wish our paths will cross again soon

"I’ve been trusting them with my eyes closed so far and it just worked for me perfectly"

Salomé Photographies

How are you doing?

I'm doing very well, had more wedding requests after sharing the retreat photos !!! So happy, thank you guys!

Was the experience what you were expecting?


I expected a lot. I wanted to learn new things, get to know people and boost my portfolio. You have completely lived up to expectations.


Did you learn anything in particular during this retreat?

Your workflow helps me a lot! I also take more time for a shoot now, just take it easy. I am also very happy with the Presets, I have adjusted them a bit but now I am completely happy with them!

What did you think of us as hosts?

You were the best! So loving, happy and positive. I couldn't have wished for better hosts. I often feel my 'less' than the rest because I am so young. You didn't look at this at all and treated me like everyone else! Thank you!

Personally, I found it quite scary as a young (20) not so experienced photographer to come to a place with super talented and experienced wedding photographers. After arrival, however, this disappeared immediately! I immediately felt that I could be myself and that I belonged there completely. You played a very big role in this, thank you for that! I really enjoyed it, met a lot of sweet new people. But most of all learned a lot!

" I would do it again!"

Sabrina Fotografie